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Natuelle Organic Beds, Certified 100% Organic Latex

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Rest easy with your 100% organic latex mattress from Naturelle, knowing every layer of latex supporting you is grown organically with the utmost respect for our planet and for you, our valued customer.

Why Natural Latex?

This is no ordinary mattress. It's 100% organic, healthy, affordable and 100% biodegradable. 

Natural Latex holds the Gold Seal Standard in the bedding industry. It provides superior comfort, cradling joints and muscles and reducing tossing and turning. It contains no harmful chemicals and emits no noxious gasses. It does not lose its shape. it is anti-microbal and anti-fungal. People with allergies find that they can breathe easier and sleep better on a natural latex mattress. Latex mattresses also absorb and release moisture better than any other mattress. This means that natural latex mattresses resist mould, mildew, dust mites and bed bugs. And, natural latex mattresses are more supportive and durable than traditional mattresses which is why we at Naturelle offer the following guarantee:

- Full 25-Year Replacement Warranty on all Naturelle mattresses
- 90 Day Comfort Guarantee

Naturelle mattresses were created to offer consumers a way to purchase all-natural latex highest-quality luxury mattresses at less than retail prices. Because we at Naturelle manufacture our own highest-quality mattresses, we are able to provide them directly to you at a fraction of the cost of the mainstream bedding industry.

We sell only certified organic latex in Dunlop processes.

100% Organic Dunlop latex mattress.

- Naturelle's Dunlop latex is certified 100% Organic.

- Talalay latex is marketed as natural but, because of the way it is processed, it is in fact up to 92% pure. In our opinion, this makes Dunlop latex the better choice.

We at Naturelle have developed a system to narrow down your sleep preference based on simple questions about your sleeping patterns and needs. Preferences such as side, back or stomach in addition to weight and problem areas including lower back, hips, neck or shoulder pain are considered in creating a custom mattress perfectly suited to your needs. Our system is recognized by Health Canada and patented by Alpha Bio-medical. If your partner has different sleep concerns, Naturelle can accommodate them on the same mattress.

We make high-quality organic sleep products

Naturelle does not use any harmful chemicals because even in very small amounts they can have adverse affects on one's health. From the beginning, Naturelle mattresses were designed to be free from harmful chemicals and allergens. Unlike most mattresses, Naturelle mattresses are completely free of polyurethane foam, including "soybean" foam, bio-foam and poly-foam products. Naturelle mattresses do not contain latex blends or vinyl/PCV, polyurethane-coated nylon or damask, PFC water-resistant treatments, anti-bacterial biocides or the various chemicals associated with these materials. Fire protection is achieved with 100% natural unbleached wool, a harmless natural fire-resistant fibre.

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